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Our clients represent a broad range of business and industry, individuals, and nonprofit organizations in the Burlington and Rutland metro areas and beyond. Please find more in depth information of the myriad services we offer in the sidebar to the right.

Tax Planning & Compliance
For individuals, corporations, trusts and estates that are seeking effective strategies to keep more of what they’ve earned. We also prepare all types of tax returns, including gifts and estates, trusts and foundations.

Accounting, Auditing & Planning
For businesses needing certified audit, review and compilation of financial statements, compliance studies and more.

Business Financial Management
For assistance with financial forecasts, projections, and analyses relating to budgets, working capital needs, cash flow projections, business strategic planning and key performance indicators. 

Financial and Estate Planning
For individuals who want to develop a sound financial plan to retain assets in the family or transfer a business to the next generation as economically as possible. 

Retirement Planning Design 
For individuals and companies that desire to save for retirement or provide valuable cost saving benefits to employees via qualified Pension Plans, IRA’s, 401(k)s and other plans.

With our Remote Accounting Department (RAD) you get confidential, cost-effective bookkeeping support at a fixed monthly fee and you’ll receive on-demand, real-time access to your financial data 24/7.
Find out how you might benefit from outsourcing parts or all of your bookkeeping:  Click here.

Business Valuations & Planning 
For determining the value of closely held companies for estate planning, ownership transfers, matrimonial litigation and other purposes.

Entrepreneur Services
For entrepreneurs who want to be proactive and progressive in their management styles. Ultimately, this creates businesses that are not only profitable but can be transferred to the next generation or sold to outside parties.

There's no reason you should have to call on multiple sources for your various business solutions.

Davis & Hodgdon has ALL of your business needs covered under one umbrella.

Having your tax, bookkeeping, and financial planning under one umbrella gives you a more balanced approach to how taxes fit into your overall personal financial situation.

You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing your finances are handled carefully - all while freeing up your time to focus on what's most important to you - growing your business.






Your privacy and the security of your information is our priority. Please visit the firm’s Security Policy.